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First, I want to apologize for getting off-track. Life happened.

Right before the second weekend of shoots in April, my parents were kicked out of their home on the same day my mom was diagnosed with dementia. My parents were homeless and being in a different state, I was powerless to help them. I ended up in a state of collapse, but fortunately, because we did such a good job with preproduction in February, the machine kept on running. While I could do nothing while watch a Nazi actress destroy her own career on Facebook (satisfying!), my excellent crew continued on with what they needed to do, only coming to me when they needed my card to pay for stuff. As a result, the April shoots went off without a hitch.

My brother was able to fly in and find an appropriate facility for my parents. But this also put my finances in freefall, which meant that I had to get a better-paying job. This I managed to do, but the job I got was with someone who had no concept of boundaries. While I didn't work that many hours per week, he treated me like I was on call 24/7, which meant that for nearly two years, I had no time that I could truly call my own. This makes it difficult to work on one's own projects on a psychological level. The one time I sang a concert as a favor to a friend *on my own time*, my boss pitched a fit about it when he found out after the fact.

And then in the beginning of April, he fired me. Which is for the best. I thanked my job for its service, but it did not kindle joy. I'm still dealing with the PTSD from this.

However, while I do need a new job, I'm now financially well off enough to focus on projects I need to finish as well. The voiceovers were recorded before everything fell apart, so all I need to do is finish the music before it gets edited. I am aiming for this trailer to be posted here and on the Facebook page by the end of May.

Alan Kelly (Sean Devlin) has been a huge help in posting the IMDb page. It is not yet complete, but everything should be up and correct by the end of the week.

And of course, with this trailer, the goal is to get this show sold to a network or streaming service by 2022.

Thank you ALL for your patience! I appreciate the support and all the hard work people put into this project.

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Apr 30, 2021

I can't wait to see it.

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