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Today was another crazy day. Phone starts ringing off the hook around 9 AM. I call my insurance broker only to find that he isn't in until 10:30 AM, and that puts a hink in my day because I have to have my laundry picked up AND I have to get the expendables I ordered from B&H before they close. At 10:30, I got a hold of my broker, we ironed out a few details in my quote, I paid my premium and voila! I'm insured! And with the certificate, I was able to secure the location at the Sunset Park library this Sunday.

Then after I put out some more fires. I finally got dressed in my frummiest outfit because all my other clothes were dirty. (I generally only wear it when invited to a Shabbat dinner or Pesach seder.) And I ended up getting out of the house later than I planned, which caused my laundry guy to freak, because I just messed up his schedule.

I get to B&H, and OMG! This is not a happy place for an autistic. It's huge, it's loud, and it's so packed with gear, it's confusing. I wandered around aimlessly until I found a sales associate who could direct me to a sales associate who could help me. But the sales associates who helped me couldn't be nicer. Even when I found that I only had one extension cord rather than 2, they amended the order for me. I couldn't imagine working in such a place, but the staff were pleasant and helped me to both navigate the store and get my items for me quickly. It may be noisy and confusing, but the staff really do try to make sure that everyone has a pleasant experience.

And the gear my DP and gaffer made me buy was HEAVY. And here I am, still walking on a cane because of a bad ankle sprain. If I didn't think it would be deleterious to the production, I would drop a load of mother-guilt on them.

I get home, and Figaro's son finally managed to pick up my laundry. Seriously, this guy's schedule was all messed up, mostly because of me, and he still managed to accommodate me. If you need to get your laundry done, Figaro Dezil is your man.

And then contracts! Actor contract done! Gaffer contract signed. Camera Operator contract fixed. I still have a few more contracts to do, but *crosses fingers*, I might actually get things done on time.

Except I still don't have a script supervisor.

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