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So while we were at the diner checking out the location for the shoot next week, guess who we ended up sitting next to? Can you find the Bernie?

Today, we had an exhausting day because we had to check out what each location needed or problems with them, and planned shots. We started at the library at Sunset Park, then went to Neptune Diner where we are shooting a late-night diner scene. The people there are REALLY nice! Especially when I clogged the toilet. (Eep!)

Then we went to my friend Figaro's house. Figaro very generously offered his house for the shoot, but I don't think he understood what he was in for. It really looked perfect, but there were many problems with the house on a technical level that would have made filming difficult and stressful. Then when we met up at Jamila's house for pizza, which we are using for exterior shots, Jamila's mother Tracy very generously offered the use of an empty second-floor apartment in her building. She even offered to cook for us for a lower fee than we would have paid for the catering that day, I remember the food I ate on the GoFish shoot and it was DELICIOUS!! So I am thrilled! I love Tracy. She's one of my fave people. And my other fave person Figaro is off the hook!

So now my costs have lowered which is giving me some breathing room, but I still need to figure out how to pay for it all.

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